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Filmmaker | Photographer

Even as a child I found myself primarily interested in the horror genre. Though I’m influenced by filmmakers like David Cronenberg, Stanley Kubrick, George A. Romero, and John Carpenter, I have honed-in on a style which I feel is uniquely my own. Pulling from the tones and visual styles of films made in the late 70’s and early 80’s I consciously side-step the trend of making horror films which are self-aware or tongue- in-cheek, in favor of sincerity in the genre.


I approach photography and film in the same way, with the aim of creating a body of work that is thematically and superficially uniform.


In 2017 I attended Shudder Labs (Covered by Indie Wire in this article) along with Reid Engwall as a part of the Project Greenlight Reel Fear contest. Our film Fishhook was a finalist in the contest finishing in the top 5 of almost 1,000 entries.

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